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Fair Lakes Forest Home Owners Association 


June 9, 2012 

11:00AM – 2:00PM 

Dedication of the Tim Lyons memorial patio 

Clean up of our Trails  

Pizza, Soda, Cookies and Music 

Dancing in the Streets! (Portage Place) 

Fun and Community Spirit 

It’s time to revitalize the community spirit of Fair Lakes Forest.  We have been awarded a grant from Fairfax County to supplement the costs of a new brick patio, re-paving/repairing our walking trails, a trail clean-up walk and a celebration of community spirit party.  Part of the goal of this day is to raise money for Hospice.  The patio will be built as part of Josh Bitto’s Eagle Scout project. See the attached form for your opportunity to have your family represented in the patio and to help raise money for Capital Caring Hospice.  People from the Fairfax Grant Committee will be at the celebration.  This is a great way to showcase the value of living in Fair Lakes Forest and to reconnect with, or meet for the first time, your community neighbors.   


It is our goal to include all former homeowners as well.  If you have stayed in contact with any former homeowners, please pass this invite and brick purchase form along to them. 


To volunteer for this event please contact one of the event leads. 



We look forward to seeing you all in June – More information to come! 




Activity                                                       Leader 

Community Day                               Ann Riley / Patricia Tolbert:   / 

 - Communications Committee                    

 - Decorations Committee                  

 - Entertainment Committee               

 - Fundraising Coordinator                          

Patio Build                                                Ken Riley: 

 - Designer/Engineer                 

 - Boy Scout mentor/interface